Refine Your Work

If necessary, our team of editors will proofread and edit your book to review the structure, tone, and flow of text, as well as grammar, punctuation, and spelling. This type of edit will include comments that may involve rewriting areas of your work.

After you’ve reworked and edited your manuscript, a second round of proofreading and editing is strongly recommended.

*This service can be purchased in addition to the required Cover Design and Interior Formatting services.

Copy Editing

Starting at

$0.024 per word
  • Attention to any lingering plot, structure, and style issues

  • Sentence-level edits to improve clarity and flow

  • General edits to grammar and punctuation

  • Line Editing

    Starting at

    $0.03 per word
  • Feedback on the effectiveness of plot, structure, and characterization

  • Suggestions for improving tone and organization

  • Correction of obvious grammatical and punctuation errors

  • Developmental Editing

    Starting at

    $0.08 per word
  • A detailed analysis of the structure and effectiveness of a manuscript

  • Comprehensive feedback regarding what works and what doesn’t work

  • Actionable advice on how to tighten language and focus the message for the intended audience

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